At Charis we work very hard to use only the best and cleanest pedigrees. We are so confident of our dogs that we can provide the following guarantee:

Firstly we would never require that your companion be returned to us in order to take advantage of the guarantee.

We guarantee our dogs for the full purchase price, not just half of the purchase price as so many other do.

  1. We guarantee that your companion will be free of Hip Dysplasia and elbow Dysplasia.

  2. We also guarantee that they will be Canine TGA negative (thyroid).

  3. We also guarantee the heart and eyes.

  4. We go an extra step and guarantee temperaments.

    For a copy of our complete guarantee please contact us.

Our Guarantee

Our babies are $1950.00 which includes all applicable taxes.

We are happy to keep a list of families waiting for their new family member.  In order to get on the list we require an interview and a $300.00 non-refundable deposit.